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OHS Global offers a variety of customizable health and safety products that can help you improve and increase your safety efficiencies and due diligence, while saving you time, effort and money. These products include:

Designed for end users in mind, our courses are built in modular format and feature several instructional tools and approaches to facilitate a dynamic, engaging and interactive learning atmosphere, including:


Save your precious time and efforts in having to create user-friendly, regulatory required safety programs and plans. OHS Global has over a dozen compliant document templates that you can select from, based on your current, specific needs, such as confined space, lockout/tagout, lead, silica, and many more. All of our program/plan templates include requisite forms, checklists and/or records for your specific use.


  • Several types of available safety programs/plans
  • Pre-built templates, easy to complete
  • Includes electronic “guideline” comments to assist with proper completion
  • Fully customizable by the end user
  • Copyright is owned by the purchaser/company
  • No “reinventing of the wheel,” saving you time/effort


Contact us if you need our technical expertise and services to custom design your safety document. Our highly qualified team will work with you and your representatives to ensure documentation is created specifically to your business operational needs.


With the advancement of technology and many companies’ desire to “go green” and reduce their carbon footprint, tablets are increasingly being used by safety professionals and workers to complete required safety forms/records that would normally be completed on paper. OHS Global has dozens of pre-built PDF fillable forms/records that are easy to use to help meet your due diligence, reporting and tracking requirements.


  • Tablet
  • PDF fillable app/viewer (e.g. PDF expert)


  • Several types of available tablet-friendly, fillable forms
  • Compatible with all tablet operating platforms
  • Easily downloadable onto tablets
  • User friendly, less writing, more typing/”checking”
  • Supervisors/workers can conduct “sign offs” in the field, directly onto form
  • Replaces paper, minimization of lost documents, takes up less “space”
  • Saves administrative time/effort (e.g. scanning paper), forms are fully digital/electronic and can be easily transferred to file server systems
  • Take forms anywhere and use anytime, always available


OHS Global offers three types of customization services:

  • Tailoring forms to your specific brand colours, which includes your company logo, from our existing offerings
  • Creating PDF fillable versions of your existing internal forms/records
  • Creating completely new PDF fillable forms/records, specific to your operational needs

Contact us for more information regarding our customization services and how we can assist you to achieve your specific needs/objectives.


Get more out of your safety documents and increase worker usability by including visual indicator tools like safety icons. These icons can be used in such documents as programs, plans and safe work procedures, and are a great way to depict, in an easily and visually understandable manner, hazards that workers need to be aware of, and required controls, like personal protective equipment.


  • Several types of available icons
  • Visually appealing, simple designs
  • Customizable to your branding colours
  • Pick and choose which icons you need/want
  • Download selected icons in minutes and use them when/where you want


Contact us if a safety icon you need is not available from our current offerings. Our graphic design team can help you create specific icons that are tailored to your business operations and needs.