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Designed for end users in mind, our training courses are built in modular format and feature several instructional tools and approaches to facilitate a dynamic, engaging and interactive learning atmosphere, including:

  • Visual aids, such as schematics/diagrams
  • Pictures and videos
  • Question and answer discussion forums
  • Group break out sessions, including workbook exercises
  • Real-world scenario-based problem solving sessions
  • Practical, hands on use of relevant document, equipment and tools

Our highly experienced adult education team has delivered hundreds of safety training courses to thousands of participants in several client sectors. Our knowledge/expertise, instructional formats, and training delivery abilities has helped OHS Global become recognized as an industry leader in the provision of effective safety training solutions for our clients.

  • Asbestos Awareness (2 HRS)
  • Asbestos Awareness (4 HRS)
  • Asbestos Exposure Control (LOW-MOD RISK) (8 HRS)
  • Hazard Identification/Control Awareness (4 HRS)
  • Hazard Identification/Control Principles (8 HRS)
  • Hazardous Building Material Awareness (2 HRS)
  • Hazardous Building Material Awareness (4 HRS)
  • Hazardous Building Material Exposure Control (8 HRS)
  • Hantavirus Control & Management (4 HRS)
  • Job Hazard Analysis Awareness (4 HRS)
  • Job Hazard Analysis Principles (8 HRS)
  • Lockout/Tagout Awareness (4 HRS)
  • Lockout/Tagout Principles (8 HRS)
  • Respiratory Protection Awareness (4 HRS)
  • Respiratory Protection Principles (8 HRS)
  • Fit Tester Train-the-trainer (8 HRS)
  • Occupational Noise/Hearing Loss Awareness (2 HRS)
  • Occupational Noise Control Principles (4 HRS)
  • Lead Awareness (2 HRS)
  • Lead Awareness (4 HRS)
  • Lead Exposure Control (LOW-MOD RISK) (8 HRS)
  • Silica Awareness (4 HRS)
  • Silica Exposure Control (8 HRS)
  • Confined Space Entry Principles (8 HRS)
  • Standby Person/Gas Monitoring Principles (4 HRS)
  • Confined Space Supervisor (4 HRS)
  • Confined Space Entry Refresher (4 HRS)
  • WHMIS Awareness/Refresher (2 HRS)
  • WHMIS Awareness (4 HRS)
  • WHMIS Principles (8 HRS)
  • WHMIS Train-the-trainer (8 HRS)
  • BC Safety Supervisor/Regulation Awareness (8 HRS)
  • BC Safety Regulation/Hazard Awareness (8 HRS)
  • Industrial Hygiene Principles (8 HRS)
  • Industrial Hygiene Principles (16 HRS)
  • BILL C-45: Criminal Code of Canada 217.1 (4 HOURS)
  • Safety Regulation Interpretation/Application (4 HOURS)


OHS Global can customize our safety courses in two different ways, to help meet your specific training needs:

  1. Tailor one of our existing courses to include elements of your specific OHS management systems, including your policies, programs or plans, protocols, processes and/or procedures; or
  2. Custom design a topic-specific PowerPoint course presentation and corresponding workbook, tailored to your workplace hazards, and internal training objectives (if a course you require is not available from our current offerings).