Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC)

Manage the invisible threat of infection with compliance-ready documentation, auditing, and worker training from our industrial hygienists.

Prevention Through Preparation

Infection risks are part of the workplace. They can be occupational, like bacteria and mold, or seasonal, like the flu, but what matters is how you prepare for them.

We equip businesses to manage infections. We work with you to understand your operations and recognize infection risks, then provide compliance-ready processes, documents, and training to help your business manage those risks.
We're knowledgeable
The infection control knowledge we bring to your business is regularly renewed and assessed by one of Canada’s top OHS institutions.
We’re former compliance officers
We’ve audited countless businesses before, so we know what regulators look for and which options your business has to get compliant.
We have 30+ years of experience
From routine workplace hazards to society-shifting pandemics, we’ve helped businesses in dozens of industries manage infection risks.
We provide complete infection control
Not just templates. Not just auditing. We have everything you need for infection control, from document design to practical hands-on training.

Our IPAC Services

From frontline workers to management, infection control happens throughout your business, and we make sure you have the processes and education to handle it at every level.

IPAC Safety Auditing

Assessing all of your current IPAC procedures, documents, and training.

IPAC Safety Planning

Recognizing and finding ways to manage infection risks in your workspaces.

IPAC Risk Monitoring

Sampling and monitoring to identify mold, bacteria, and other airborne hazards.

IPAC Document Design

Creating compliance-ready ECPs, SWPs, checklists, forms, and other IPAC documents.

IPAC Training

Developing educational materials and providing practical, hands-on IPAC training.

IPAC Consulting

Collaborating with all stakeholders to balance operational and regulatory needs.

Better training means fewer infections

Through practical training delivered in a user-friendly style, we’re simplifying infection control.
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Proven IPAC Experience

Through SARS, H1N1, COVID-19, and the infection risks we help businesses navigate every day, we’ve learned how to make IPAC direct, simple, and effective.

Working with us, you get more than regulatory compliance — you get a culture of safety that extends from your documents and training through to your facility design and materials. So, while the threat might be invisible, you'll always have clear control over it.

What our clients say

Infection Control FAQ

Generally speaking, yes. If there are potential infection risks in your workplace, you need to prepare and implement an exposure control plan.

Yes, within reason, a business is responsible for due diligence in terms of protecting customers from infection. For instance, a bank can’t reasonably stop every customer from catching the flu, but it can reasonably take steps to lower the likelihood of that happening with measures like hands-free entryways and hand sanitizer dispensers.

For safety documents and programs that require it, our consultants are able to sign off on them as qualified individuals. For training programs delivered through our sister organization, the Infection Control and Training Group, those who complete an IPAC training program will receive a certificate.

Workers and employers are both responsible for maintaining infection control. Employers, for example, are responsible for creating and educating workers on infection prevention procedures, but workers are responsible for following those procedures and reporting on potential issues or violations.

Prevent infections in your workplace

Get the certified processes and training your business needs to protect the health of everyone in your work environment.
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