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You can’t see them, but they could be deadly. Unanticipated release and migration of dust particles potentially contaminated with biological agents such as fungi/mould, bacteria, and viruses, can cause serious infections in vulnerable population risk groups that could lead to death. If you are working in healthcare facilities conducting construction, renovation, or maintenance, or if you are adjusting your business due to COVID-19 safety requirements and considerations, part of your proper and safe approach must consider infection prevention and control. With several regulations, standards and guidelines that currently exist in industry, identifying, controlling and managing infection hazards and risks can be challenging at the best of times.

Does your business, operation, building, or workplace, and work, have a risk of transmitting infections? Do you have proper infection prevention and control systems, processes, and preventative measures to protect the people in or near your work areas? Are your workers appropriately educated, trained and instructed in infection prevention and control? And do you understand the types of hazards, risks and consequences that could occur, such as:

  • Unintended infection transmission to your workers, occupants or tenants, or customers
  • Project/schedule delays from temporary work stoppages due to dust contamination and potential infection risks
  • Public health agency warnings, orders, fines, or shut downs
  • Financial losses or loss of business
  • Reputational risks

Do you understand your regulatory, industry-accepted and required duties to properly identify, through a well-qualified, competent and experienced infection prevention and control professional your infection hazards/risks? Do you know how to manage these risks to minimize your liabilities and maintain your due diligence?

OHS Global can help! With our frontline experience during the 2003 SARS outbreak, the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, and today’s COVID-19 pandemic, we have performed hundreds of infection prevention and control risk assessments, and have developed dozens of policies, programs, and procedures to assist our clients with effectively managing their infection hazards and risks.


Our senior-level, highly-experienced, knowledgeable and skilled infection prevention and control professionals, such as Industrial Hygienists and Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (CRSP), have assisted many clients across several industry sectors with infection prevention and control consulting and training services such as:

  • Performing detailed infection control risk assessments and preventive measures analyses
  • Developing practical, user-friendly infection prevention and control policies, programs, and procedures
  • Determining contaminated dust migration potentials into adjacent, populated facility areas
  • Assessing the effectiveness of planned, existing or implemented infection prevention and control measures
  • Identifying required practical infection prevention and control measures and controls
  • Assisting with proper design (related to infection control) of healthcare facilities and related areas


And once infection risks are identified, assessed and controlled, OHS Global, with its team of adult educators, can deliver dynamic, engaging and interactive infection prevention and control training to your workforce through our sister company: IC Training Group.

We offer the following infection prevention and control services:


infection prevention and control plans | air monitoring plans | work procedures/methods | checklists, forms


infection control risk assessments | preventative measures analyses | site inspections/audits


air monitoring (mould, bacteria, particulates) | other sampling


infection control-related documents | inspections | reports | change orders


strategies | approaches | methods | material selection


multidisciplinary team | stakeholder meetings | user group interfaces | expert input


health authorities | government authorities | constructors/design-builders | trades


program/presentation development | video development | training delivery


In partnership with the Infection Control Training GroupOHS Global also offers critical and required training solutions to provide your workers and other involved individuals with key infection prevention and control principles in order for them to work effectively, safely and properly from an infection prevention and control perspective. ICTG’s training courses are built in modular format and feature approaches to facilitate an engaging, dynamic and interactive learning atmosphere. For more information, visit, or email