We help businesses recognize, understand, and manage workplace hazards

From systems and processes to documents and training, working with us brings better safety to your business, top to bottom.

Our vision

We envision workplace safety that’s effective, easy to understand, and ready to adapt to ever-evolving technology and processes.
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Our mission is to improve safety through:


We help you reach high standards, then give you ways to consistently maintain them.


We make sure every relevant voice is heard to create safety that works for everyone.


We teach your people how to spot, manage, and prevent risks in their work activities.

Our Leadership

Canada-wide Industry Leaders

30+ years of Combined Experience

Former Enforcement Officer Expertise

Craig Yee

Craig Yee’s expertise is the reason businesses choose to work with OHS Global. With his deep knowledge of safety standards and regulations, he’s able to design practical solutions that make safety simpler and more intuitive while still achieving compliance.
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Colin Redfern

My job is to integrate safety into your workflow. I will help you to navigate the intricacies of integrating safety systems and processes into your business.

My 35 years of operational experience in construction and facilities management has developed skills and wisdom that will support your company to combine safety requirements and workflow processes into a seamless and productive result.
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Our Clients

In industries as distinct as healthcare, mining, banking, and education, we help organizations of all sizes create safer conditions for workers of every collar colour.
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Our Clients

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