Respiratory Protection Training & Auditing

Shield your workers from airborne hazards with certified assessments, document design, and respirator usage training from our experts.

Airtight Respiratory Protection

With airborne health risks, there’s no margin for error. You need the right standards for respiratory protection and fit, and the processes to make sure those standards are upheld.

We help you accomplish that. From assessments and training to documentation and policy design, you’re equipped with everything you need to maintain workplace safety and regulatory compliance.
We have the knowledge
As a widely recognized entity, our knowledge is strictly vetted and based on proven, reliable safety practices.
We offer Train-the-Trainer education
It empowers your business to self-maintain certified levels of fit testing and respiratory protection in the work environment.
We deliver total respiratory protection
Where others limit themselves to training, we help you create total respiratory safety through assessments, documentation, and training.
We have 30+ years of experience
It means we have the know-how to understand your business and develop safety strategies that fit in instead of being tacked on.

Our Respiratory Protection Services

Assessments, training, document design — with us, you get everything you need to create safety and regulatory compliance at every level of your business.

Chemical & Respiratory Risk Assessments

Certified industrial hygiene walkthrough surveys which pinpoint potential airborne hazards.

Air Quality Testing

Compliance-ready air quality testing that ensures all hazards are identified and accounted for.

Respiratory Protection Policy/Program Design

WorkSafeBC-compliant documentation that makes safety easy to understand and implement.

Respirator Usage Guide Design

Simple, intuitive guides that direct workers on when and how to correctly use a respirator.

Fit Testing Services

Qualified assessment and correction of your respiratory equipment and fitting procedures.

Respirator Use & Fit Tester Training

Guidance on respirator selection, inspection, use, and care, plus qualified fit tester training.

Have unique respiratory training requirements?

We can create customized training for specific respirators and respiratory protection policies.
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Total Respiratory Safety

The world’s safest respirator is worthless if it isn’t used properly, and great training can’t make up for a respirator that isn’t certified for the task.

30+ years of experience has shown us that, and it’s why we take a comprehensive approach to respiratory protection. We talk to your stakeholders, we take time to understand your materials and processes, all so that we can make safety a seamless part of your business.

What our clients say

Respiratory Protection FAQ

Yes, we provide “Train-the-Tester” instruction that, once completed, will allow you to certify fit testing for your own workers.

Yes, fit testing needs to be completed before a respirator is first used, and then at least once per year as specified by WorkSafeBC Regulation 8.40.

Yes, each type of respirator must be fit-tested with the worker.

No, because size and fit aren’t standardized across brands or models. Fit tests and corresponding documentation are specific to the brand and model used during the test.

Breathe without fear

Equip your workers with the safety plans and training they need to stay protected from airborne hazards in the workplace.
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