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Need a specific OHS or HazMat policy, program, plan or procedure? Having proper and quality safety paperwork in place is not only important to keep your workers safe, but also to prove due diligence to government safety regulators.

OHS Global can assist you with developing a variety of site- and work-specific safety documents that are user-friendly and practically work at the ground level. We have prepared thousands of custom tailored safety programs, plans, policies and procedures to a diverse range of clientele from different industry sectors to help them meet both their diligence and compliance goals.


With over 30 combined years of professional consulting, private industry and governmental enforcement experience, we know what good quality documentation should look like and be. Our highly experienced and skilled professionals work hard to get to know your specific business operations and processes, collaborate with your internal representatives to obtain key/required information, and prepare fully custom-built documents that meet your safe work/operational needs. We have designed the following document types for our clients:

OHS Programs/ManualsAsbestos
Confined Space Entry ProgramsBiological Hazards
Crane/Hoist Safety ProgramsBloodborne Pathogen
Fall Protection ProgramsChemical Agents (Various)
Hearing Conservation (Noise)Cold Stress
Hot Work Safety ProgramsHeat Stress
Lockout/Tagout ProgramsLead
Machine Safeguarding Safety ProgramSilica
Personal Protective EquipmentVibration (Hand-Arm/Whole Body)
Respiratory Protection Programs
WHMIS Programs
Asbestos (Low-Moderate Risk)Confined Space Entry Permits
Confined Space Entry ProceduresConfined Space Rescue Practice Drills
Lead (Low-Moderate Risk)Confined Space Gas Monitor Calibration
Lockout/TagoutSafety Toolbox Meeting Records
Respiratory protectionTraining Records/Templates
SilicaWorkplace Safety Hazard Inspections
And many more…And many more…

OHS Global’s team can also assist you with peer reviewing your current/existing safety documents to help you determine if you’re on the right track. We will provide recommendations for improvement where required/warranted so that you can ensure your document meets all required diligence, compliance and industry-accepted standards.

  • Specific, tailored safety documents/content, relevant to your business operations and work
  • High level quality documents
  • Meets compliance with regulatory requirements, including industry-accepted standards/criteria
  • Technically sound documents, that includes required/applicable data/information


Don’t have the time or resources to develop new programs, plans, policies or procedures from scratch? OHS Global can help! We have dozens of pre-built safety document templates that are easy to complete, and meet all compliance standards. All you have to do is fill in the blanks and implement your safety requirements.