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Confined space is a primary concern for all safety regulators in Canada. Every year businesses and workers face serious harm due to improper confined space safety procedures and training. When you engage OHS Global Risk Solutions to develop your confined space program. You can be confident that you will have industry leading assessments, documents, training and continued support.

Your Confined Space Safety Program Starts with an Inventory and Hazard Assessment of Your Confined Spaces. When you are required to work in them the entry plan, rescue plan and training is additionally required. Get your business and workers certified for federal, CSA, and WorkSafeBC confined space standards with our experts.

It’s Training. And So Much More.

Confined spaces are one of the leading causes of workplace injuries and deaths in Canada. But with better safety systems, you can prevent your workplace from adding to that statistic. Confined Spaces are also heavily regulated and require documentation in all provinces & territories in Canada.

Our experts make safety easy with intuitive training, working with stakeholders at every level to identify, understand, and address confined space risks.
OHS Global Resolutions have staff that have done over 10,000 confined space documents, and are leading edge consultants in this area of safety

OHS Global will be able to evaluate and propose the best course of action with your confined space safety program.
Whether you have one confined space or several, OHS will ensure you have the optimal and economical document portfolio to manage all risk.
OHS is recognized nationwide
Our OHS expertise is recognized nationwide and abroad for excellence in workplace auditing and worker training.
We have 30+ years of experience
It means we have the know-how to recognize outdated regulations and correct common misconceptions about confined space safety.
We don’t stop with compliance
For us, it’s the bare minimum. We go further, focusing on genuine safety through intuitive training and full stakeholder involvement.
We create comprehensive safety
As your business grows, we equip you with the knowledge and procedures to maintain safe confined space working conditions.

Our Confined Space Safety Services

From strong safety plans and procedures to practical hands-on worker training, it’s everything you need to manage confined space risks.

Confined Space Entry Principles

Practical, essential training to keep workers safe when operating in confined spaces.

Confined Space Entry Refresher

A review of the basics plus an introduction to new safety regulations and best practices.

Confined Space Supervisor Training

Detailed guidance on safely managing workers, activities, and hazards in confined spaces.

Standby Person/Gas Monitoring Principles

Instruction on monitoring, identifying, and responding to hazardous atmospheric gasses.

Confined Space Safety Auditing

A full, compliance-ready audit of your business’ confined space safety plans & processes.

Confined Space Documents/Procedures

Creation, revision, and certification of your business’ confined space safety documentation.

Confined Space (CS) Inventory

Identification of all confined spaces at a client site

Confined Space Hazard Assessments

Identification of specific hazards associated with confined spaces

Confined Space Rescue Procedures

Comprehensive rescue plan to extract an injured worker from a confined space

Confined Space Ventilation

Provides ventilation data and schematics properly providing clean, breathable air to confined spaces

Determination Letters

Assisting clients to engineer out confined spaces.

Enclosed & Restricted Space

Procedures and plans that cater for enclosed and/or restricted confined space

Just need a refresher?

Recertify your confined space knowledge and Record of Training in as short as 8 hours.
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Keeping Businesses & Workers Spaces Safer for 30+ Years

We’ve brought our expertise and three decades of OHS experience to workers all over the province.

Our safety commitment doesn’t end with compliance. OHS Global works with all your key stakeholders to build a confined space program and system that will focus on accurate and concise documents, practical education, and support. Everything we do is about making your business safer, better-prepared, and even more cost-efficient.

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Confined Space FAQ

Following industry standards, the record of training (ROT) you receive after completing your confined space training is valid for 3 years.

Yes. Anyone working in a confined space needs to receive training that meets the standards set by their provincial or federal regulator.

We have adapted our online training to be second only to in person training. In both training delivery models you will receive the theory, practical lessons and risk management tools you need to legally and safely work in confined spaces.

Yes. All of our consulting services are regularly updated to comply with the latest federal, provincial, and industry safety standards.

Yes, following WorkSafeBC OHS regulations we are able to safely and legally assist with solutions to determine a confined space not confined per the 4 criteria.

Yes, we have over 20 successful alternate measures applications across the province of BC.

Yes, we provide the ventilation data and schematics required for providing clean, breathable air in confined spaces.

Make your confined spaces safer

Get practical, hands-on training for every worker and regulation-compliant safety plans that prevent incidents before they happen.
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