Confined Space

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Need to enter and perform work in confined spaces? Confined space hazards, if not properly assessed and managed, can pose serious threatsincluding death—to unsuspecting workers. And with the multitude of confined space safety rules and regulations, controlling and managing confined space hazards and risks can be challenging at the best of times.

OHS Global can help! We have performed thousands of confined space hazard assessments, and have developed hundreds of programs, policies, and procedures to assist our clients with effectively managing their confined space hazards and risks.


Our senior level, well-experienced and qualified professionals (“Qualified Person”), such as Industrial Hygienists and Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (CRSP), have helped dozens of clients across many industry sectors with the following confined space solutions:

  • Identification and classification of confined (and enclosed) spaces
  • Performing detailed confined space hazard assessments
  • Developing practical, user-friendly:
    • Confined space entry programs
    • Confined space policies
    • Confined space hazard assessments
    • Confined space entry procedures
    • Confined space rescue procedures
    • Confined space forms and records (e.g. entry permits, rescue practice drills etc.)
  • Training workers in proper and safe confined space workplaces

And once confined space hazards are identified, assessed and controlled, OHS Global, with its team of adult educators, can deliver dynamic, engaging and interactive confined space training to your workforce, via the following courses:

  • Confined Space Entry Principles (8 Hours)
  • Standby Person/Gas Monitoring Principles (4 Hours)
  • Confined Space Supervisor (4 Hours)
  • Confined Space Entry Refresher (4 Hours)

OHS Global can even assist you with developing and implementing an effective Confined Space Management System. We also offer audits to refine your existing system, which will help you effectively manage your confined space hazards and risks. To see if your current system meets compliance with regulatory requirements and industry-accepted standards, or to determine if you need a management system at all, download and complete our “Measuring Your Confined Space Compliance” checklist. Contact us if you have any questions or need consulting advice.