We create safer workplaces in every industry.

Just ask the hundreds of clients we’ve worked with: by getting to know your people and processes, we create intuitive safety and weave it into your work culture.

Regulatory compliance is one thing, genuine safety is another.

We achieve success with so many different organizations and industries because our approach isn’t based on checking off boxes — it’s focused on making safety feel like a natural part of everything that happens in your workplace. Some of the problems we solve for our clients include: risk assessment, implementing safety plans, identification of hazards, hazard planning, hazardous materials, asbestos, confined space, air monitoring.

Our top industries

Whether it’s raising a structure up or tearing one down, we guide workers and managers on how to handle hazardous materials, work around heavy machinery, and respond to accidents.
We help banking and finance institutions create healthier workspaces and manage the ongoing infection risks from hazards like shared surfaces and customer-to-staff transmission.
From preschools to post-secondary institutions, we help with every aspect of health and safety, including assessment & document design, emergency preparedness, and infection control.
Patients have caregivers, and caregivers have us. Air quality, infection control, hazardous materials — our multipoint approach accounts for all the hazards healthcare workers face.
You want efficiency and quality without sacrificing safety, and we work with you to achieve that, helping you create better processes around materials, machinery, and safety management.
Through guidance on everything from confined spaces to respiratory protection, we create safety systems that exceed the Canadian mining industry’s strict compliance requirements.
Energy Sector
We provide comprehensive safety services including custom document development, industrial hygiene services, site safety supervision and training. Hands on capabilities such as practical site safety leadership for confined space, hazardous materials exposure and isolation lock-out/tag out.
Facilities Maintenance and Operations
We are a leader in supporting this industry whether it be an international provider of services or a ma and pop business. We adapt and engineer the services to comply with regulatory requirements for all customers.
Property Management
With rigorous air quality and mold testing, our assessments create value for property managers and strata councils by bringing priceless safety and peace of mind to their tenants.

What our clients say

Don’t see your industry?

These are just a handful of the dozens of industries that we’ve worked with in BC and across Canada. If you’re ready to achieve better workplace safety, we’re ready to help.
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