OHS Management Systems (OHSMS)

Let our experts create consistent safety in your workplace with OHSAS, CSA, and OSSE-certified OHS management systems.

Systemized Safety

Better safety systems lead to stronger safety performance. They make safe work a conscious and proactive part of your business without stopping your workers from getting things done.

Our experts help you create those systems. From process auditing to document design, we bring your OHSMS in line with world-class standards, showing regulators and employees that your commitment to safety is more than just talk.
We’re fluent in safety standards
ISO, OHSAS, CSA, OSSE, COR — we help you make sense of it all and turn rigorous standards into practical, actionable safety.
We're credible
When your business is aiming for world-class safety standards, it only makes sense to work with world-class OHS professionals.
We have 30+ years of experience
Your business has unique needs and processes. Our experience with hundreds of businesses means we can adapt to handle them.
We’re former enforcement officers
Looking to earn a Certificate of Recognition? As former enforcement officers, we know how to interpret regulations like auditors do.

Our OHSMS Services

Get qualified support for one or multiple areas of your business’ health and safety systems. We can help you evaluate, refine, or create practically any element in your OHSMS.

Safety System Auditing

Finding compliance and standard gaps in your safety system and documents.

Compliance Assessments

Helping you refine or develop regulation-compliant safety at a specific worksite.

Process & Safety System Design

Designing processes that manage workplace hazards in practice and on paper.

“Action Plan” Development

Guiding your business on how to comply with regulations or specific standards.

OHSMS Training for Key Personnel

Teaching your safety leaders how to effectively use and manage your OHSMS.

Creation of Safety Documentation

Collaborating with relevant stakeholders to design clear, user-friendly documents.

Need certification for a specific standard?

Whether it’s ISO, COR, CSA, or something else, we can help you develop a certified OHSMS.
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Safety at Every Level

Frontline workers, managers, executives — everyone in your organization cares about safety. But in the context of their responsibilities, safety means something different to each of them.

Our 30+ years in OHS has taught us how to bridge those differences. You get an OHSMS which provides clarity for your workers, consistency for your managers, accountability for your executives, and - most importantly - consistently better safety throughout your business.

What our clients say

OHS Management Systems FAQ

An Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) is a part of an organization’s risk management strategy and safety systems. The Occupational Health and Safety Series (OHSAS) specification is a set of standards published by the British Standards Institute to guide organizations on what to include in an OHSMS.

In Canada and abroad, ISO 45001 is the standard for an OHSMS. However, in many cases, the standard an organization follows is determined by leading associations and conventions in the industry or sector.

You don’t need to immediately overhaul your existing OHSMS, but it’s best practice to begin transitioning towards ISO 45001.

Yes, if you’re interested in earning a certificate of recognition for your business, our experts have experience with helping businesses create and implement OHSMS frameworks that comply with COR program guidelines.

Make safety feel automatic

When your OHS systems are clear and consistent, achieving safety and compliance becomes so much easier.
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