Silica Exposure Control

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Are your workers potentially exposed to silica dust during their work? Know about the new silica regulations coming into effect soon in BC and the requirements to involve a “Qualified Person?” Now known as the new “asbestos,” silica is a confirmed human carcinogen, and exposures can lead to occupational disease or more serious consequences.

OHS Global can help! Our qualified professionals (“Qualified Person”) have performed dozens of silica risk assessments and silica air monitoring, and have developed hundreds of Exposure Control Plans, policies and safe work procedures to assist our clients with effectively managing their silica-related hazards/risks.


Our senior level, well-experienced staff, such as Industrial Hygienists and Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (CRSP), has assisted many clients across several industry sectors with the following silica solutions:

  • Performing detailed silica risk assessments
  • Developing practical, user-friendly:
    • Silica Exposure Control Plans
    • Silica policies
    • Silica safe work procedures
    • Silica emergency spill/clean up procedures
  • Training workers in proper silica safe work requirements/controls

And once silica hazards/risks are identified, assessed and controlled, OHS Global, with its team of adult educators, can deliver dynamic, engaging and interactive silica exposure control training to your workers to ensure they are armed with practical knowledge and skills to safely work around silica dust hazards. Our course meets full compliance with current and forthcoming silica regulations.