Silica Awareness Training & Exposure Planning

Clear, actionable exposure control plans. Practical, intuitive worker training. All designed by qualified experts.

Silica Dust: The New Asbestos

With the potential to cause lung cancer, silicosis, and other serious illnesses, silica is a real and common jobsite danger. For us, WorkSafeBC compliance is only the bare minimum. We equip you to manage silica risks at every level: from policies and procedures all the way to tool-specific guidelines.
We're qualified
As qualified Industrial Hygienists and professionals, our staff have years of experience in silica control.
Complete silica control
Regulatory compliance is only half the process. We take you the rest of the way to achieve safe silica levels and processes.
4-point risk planning
Be prepared at every level with intuitive policies, emergency plans, task-specific procedures, and a comprehensive ECP.
User-friendly education
Safety doesn’t have to be dull and confusing. We get workers engaged with their learning so the knowledge sticks.

Our Silica Exposure Control Services

Each silica risk assessment and control plan is customized to match your business’ activities and fully protect your workers from silica exposure.

Silica Air Monitoring

Air monitoring ensures silica exposure stays well below the required 0.025 mg/m3 limit.

Silica Exposure Control Planning

We revise or create silica ECPs, making sure they’re clear and compliant with all regulations.

Silica Policy Creation

We revise or create managerial-level policies on how silica should be safely handled at work.

Silica Safe Work Procedures

We help to revise or create task-specific worker instructions that are clear and easy to follow.

Silica Emergency Procedures

We ensure that your business has plans to avoid and respond to silica-related emergencies.

Silica Awareness Training

We educate workers and managers on how to identify and mitigate potential silica hazards.

Silica ECPs need to be reviewed annually

Made changes since last year? We’ll make sure everything is 100% WorkSafeBC compliant.
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WorkSafeBC Qualified

As regulation-qualified Industrial Hygienists and professionals, we’ve trained thousands of workers, created hundreds of silica exposure control plans, and worked with dozens of industries across the Lower Mainland.

Working with us, your business won’t just be regulation-compliant — it’ll be genuinely safer from all the risks and hazards of silica dust.

What our clients say

Silica Exposure Control FAQ

Any worker who’s at risk of silica dust exposure will need to be trained with specific instructions on how to safely manage their task(s). WorkSafeBC also requires your exposure control plan to be reviewed and updated annually.
The time it takes to regulation-compliant develop plans and documentation depends on your business’ work activities. Individual worker training can be completed in approximately 1 hour.
Yes. Anyone we send to work with your business on asbestos exposure control planning or training will be a “qualified person” according to WorkSafeBC regulations.
If there are changes to WorkSafeBC’s silica regulations, or if you’re introducing new silica-related work activities that aren’t accounted for in your existing exposure control plan (ECP), you’ll need a qualified person to review and/or update your ECP.

Make your business silica-safe.

Be regulation-ready with practical worker safety training and exposure control plans.
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