Hazardous Materials Risk Management

Keeping workers safe and projects on schedule with HazMat risk management, document development and training from our AHERA-certified inspectors.

It's About Measuring & Quantifying

Improper management of hazardous materials is costly. Regulation breaches can mean months of costly delays, and lax safety can turn into health (and liability) nightmares which are easily prevented with proactive initiatives.

OHS Global prevents worker exposure and business disruption through proactive auditing and assessment. You can not manage what you can not measure.
Our certifications - We are certified AHERA inspectors
Our qualified professionals are regulation-qualified to help your business with inspecting, testing, clearance and reporting on hazardous materials.
We have 75+ years of successful experience
A widely-recognized condition of excellence is experience, our experience speaks to our practical knowledge.
We have diverse training
OHS Global has qualified professionals with a university level of training in industrial hygiene, occupational health and safety, engineering and facility management, health science, lastly chemical and materials engineering.

Our Hazardous Materials Services

Through training, document design, testing, and inspections, we help you turn hazardous materials into a safe, controlled, and predictable part of your business.

HazMat Surveys & Assessments

Tests for asbestos, biohazards, toxins, silica, lead, mercury, mold, PCBs, radiation, and more. We are a BC Based company that can extend our services across Canada. For a list of materials of what we provide testing for please go here

Regulatory Required Services

Having to hand in regulatory paperwork is unavoidable and is good to have a qualified professional with demonstrated experience. Providing and advocating for you.

Scope/Specification Design

Detailed abatement contractor instructions to ensure compliance and accountability. OHS Global has the ability to span services from bespoke to base regulatory requirements.

Hazardous Materials Abatement Management

From audit to clearance sampling we can provide you with all services to get you a hazardous material free environment.

Risk Management

The ultimate goal in safety is to encompass your risk in the management system. You do not have to have a large campus or be exclusive in hazardous materials work to benefit from a hazardous materials risk management system.

HazMat WorkerTraining

Relatable, easy to follow training that focuses on practical safety and real-world situations.

Workplace shutdowns are costly but always avoidable

Do not take for granted or ignore hazardous materials in your workplace. Cutting corners can lead to costly and inconvenient delays. Let OHS Global help you quantify and manage your risk. With us, it’s all done by the book, guaranteed.
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30+ Years of HazMat Management

Safety and compliance never happen in isolation, yet so many businesses handle them separately. That’s where our approach is different.

We make sure regulation-ready safe practices are addressed at every level and every stage of a project. Your papers are always in order, and your workers always know what to do, so your business always stays compliant.

What our clients say

Hazardous Materials FAQ

It’s a type of safety assessment that determines whether hazardous materials like mercury, asbestos, silica, PCBs, mold, and lead are present on your property or in your building materials.

Yes, for designated hazardous materials like asbestos, there are regulated training and education requirements that workers must meet.

Our assessments check for all regulated hazardous materials, including:

  • Asbestos
  • Biohazards (animal-related, needles/sharps)
  • Chemical hazards/agents
  • Crystalline silica
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Mold
  • Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
  • Halocarbons (ozone-depleting substances)
  • Radioactive smoke detectors etc.

Our hazmat reports are designed to comply with WorkSafeBC regulations. They include testing of suspected materials at an accredited laboratory and a risk assessment that covers factors like material location, condition, accessibility, and more.

Control your workplace hazards

Get approved reports, detailed plans, and practical training that creates safer HazMat handling in your workplace.
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