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It’s time to breathe easy. Create healthier, compliant and more effective workspaces with our air quality testing, monitoring and safety planning services. Be proactive, know your workplace atmosphere and schedule a test with our team.

Industrial Hygiene Air Monitoring & Testing

Businesses often do not know they have an air quality problem until it's too late. They either have a claim or the regulators pay a visit. That’s why our services go deeper. We work with you to go beyond testing and reporting, we help you create processes and controls that make sure air quality never becomes an afterthought.
We meet with you to listen to what you need
We value add our industrial hygiene services by meeting with you, your workers, and walking through your workplace to understand the concerns, requirements and exposure points
We identify root causes, and track where contaminants migrate
Pollutants of all levels can spread to other areas of the workplace and concentrate. We investigate all potential issues, identify which ones are hazards, and advise you of controls.
A workplace with a healthy atmosphere will improve your productivity and mitigate risk
We work with you to ensure that the regulations are being met by your engineered controls. We give you the confidence to know that your controls are robust and reliable.
We work with you to create solutions that will fit your workplace
A safety plan that can not be implemented is as bad as not having one at all. We work with you until you have solutions in place that are intuitive to your workplace.

Our Air Testing and Monitoring Services

We test for all workplace and occupational atmospheric hazards of chemical, biological, and physical air pollutants, each of which can put your health and the health of your workers and customers at risk.

Occupational vs. Indoor Air Quality Monitoring & Testing

Occupational testing involves monitoring for direct exposure to different contaminants such as asbestos. Indoor testing covers everything that is inside the building or workspace such as the air in the office.

CO & CO2 Testing

Commonly found in confined working spaces and areas with burning and combustion.

Volatile Organic Compound Testing

Cleaning chemicals and off-gassing from plastics, carpeting and other furnishings can impact health as they build up.

Mold Testing

Potentially toxic, mold is one of Vancouver’s most common airborne contaminants.

Dust & Particulate Testing

Breathing problems, skin irritation, allergic reactions — dust is often at the center of them all.

Relative Humidity Testing

Too high and it leads to mold, too low and it causes skin irritation and respiratory illness.

Formaldehyde Testing

A known carcinogen and irritant, it’s still used in and released by many common materials.

Our Occupational Air Testing Services

We test for all workplace occupational atmospheric hazards of chemical, biological, and physical air pollutants, each of which can put your health and the health of your workers and customers at risk.

What else is in your air?

We test for other workplace occupational hazards like noise, temperature, and vibration.
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Multisector Testing Expertise

30+ years of serving Vancouver and the Lower Mainland has helped us build a process that coaches businesses on how to evolve towards compliance and genuine safety instead of rushing them into one-size-fits-all plans.

You’ll feel like your business is understood at every level, and that health and safety aren’t coming at the cost of your commercial goals.

What our clients say

Audit & Assessment FAQ

Absolutely. Worker health is always the first priority, but that translates to added benefits like higher productivity and improved comfort. It’s a win-win for everyone. Air quality standards are also a legal requirement for WorkSafeBC - make sure that you’re compliant before an officer comes knocking!

It varies from site to site. The length of time an air quality test takes depends on the size and configuration of the workspace, as well as the number of potential air pollutant sources. Contact us to discuss your needs and get a more detailed estimation!

Store-bought testing devices are limited in the pollutants they test for, and they’re typically meant to warn you of emergencies rather than monitor for moderate, persistent levels that can cause chronic health issues. WorkSafeBC also requires some testing to be performed by a trained and qualified service provider!

The cost of an air quality test varies depending on the workplace. As a rule of thumb, the cost of testing increases as the size of the workspace and number of pollutant sources increases.

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