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Make every part of your business WorkSafeBC-compliant with our experts’ 30+ years of leading OHS expertise.

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Operations expand, best practices evolve, regulations change — for one reason or another, safety plans are always in flux. We make sure your business keeps up. Our audit process is exhaustive, helping you identify hazards and risks, assess their impact, then develop safe, fully compliant strategies to minimize or eliminate risks.
We’re professionals
It’s a globally-recognized mark of excellence that tells you our experts have verified, regularly maintained OHS auditing and training skills.
We have 30+ years of experience
In that time, we’ve worked with business in dozens of industries, training thousands of workers and creating hundreds of safety plans.
We provide complete safety solutions
With us, you receive more than a safety report. We work with your key stakeholders to design, test, and implement new solutions.
We build custom site/business plans
From intuitive visual checks to precise scoring systems, we create process or facility-specific safety plans and strategies.

Our Health & Safety Auditing Services

Whether they’re chemical, biological, or physical, we uncover and address potential health risks wherever they appear in the workplace.

Industrial Hygiene Surveys

Walkthrough assessment of chemical, biological, or physical agents in the workplace.

Respiratory Risk Assessment

Identification of airborne health risks from chemicals, gas buildup, and combustion.

Pre-project/site Assessment

Hazard identification and risk assessment (HIRA) for project approval and feasibility.

Confined Space Assessment

Risk identification and planning for physical, atmospheric, and mechanical hazards.

Lockout/Tagout Assessment

Guidance on how to safely plan for and manage hazardous energy in the workplace.

OHS/OSSE Document Audit

Full compliance-focused auditing and adjustment of OHS/OSSE safety documentation.

Hazardous Materials Assessment

Risk identification and planning for workplace hazards like asbestos, lead, and silica.

Job Hazard & Risk Analysis

General or site-specific risk assessment for existing or new business operations.

Starting from scratch?

We help new businesses - and even new industries - create rigorous safety plans.
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Vancouver’s Leading Health and Safety Consultants

Some health and safety companies fixate on scores and compliance — not us. Our 30+ years working with companies in Vancouver and across the Lower Mainland has taught us that safety isn’t that simple: you want safety, but you also want reliability and efficiency too.

Our audits give you that. We listen to voices at every level of your organization and turn what we learn into plans that make safety part of your business, not just a layer on top of it.

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Audit & Assessment FAQ

A safety audit is a detailed review of the risks and hazards in your processes and work environment. It helps you create a safer, healthier work environment for your employees by identifying risks, understanding their impact, planning to control or eliminate them, and training employees on how to navigate them safely.

There isn’t a set amount of time. It depends on the complexity of your business processes, the number of hazards, and how complete your current safety plans, documentation, and training are.

Our safety audits are performed by one or more of our Industrial Hygienists. They have the education and expertise to sign off on all official OHS/OSSE documentation as “qualified” professionals according to WorkSafeBC standards.

Generally, inspections are focused on making sure safety measures are in place and being followed. Audits also accomplish that, but they go one step further to examine the safety measures themselves and determine whether anything is missing or needs to be improved.

Control the hazards in your workplace

Then get regulation-compliant, cost-effective safety strategies that protect your business and its most valuable assets.
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