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Do you have workplace hazards or risks that need identification and evaluation? Knowing what hazards your workers may be exposed to can help with identifying proper control measures to prevent risks such as unintended harm, potential injury, and unforeseen illness.

OHS Global can assist with you with effectively identifying various hazard types, assessing the safety risks and potential impacts on your workforce, and then determine practical control strategies to eliminate or minimize these hazards.


Our highly expert and knowledgeable team of assessors have performed thousands of different types of audits and assessments for dozens of clients in various industry work environments. OHS Global can effectively perform the following types of audits and assessments:

  • Specific chemical, biological or physical agent risk assessments (industrial hygiene walkthrough surveys)
  • Respiratory hazard risk assessments
  • General or specific workplace safety hazard/risk inspections
  • Pre-project or site Hazard Identification/Risk Assessments (HIRA)
  • Confined space hazard assessments
  • Lockout/tagout hazardous energy source assessments
  • Asbestos risk assessments
  • Lead risk assessments
  • Silica risk assessments
  • Job hazard analyses
  • OHS management/document gap analyses/audits
  • Site-specific regulatory compliance audits
  • OSSE safety management/document gap analyses/audits

Audits and assessments can be either qualitative (visual observations) or quantitative (scoring systems), and can, if requested, be customized to your specific business operations and site or facility work environments.

Following the safety audit and assessment phase, OHS Global can work together with your internal stakeholders to design and help implement “corrective action plans” and strategies to mitigate and control identified hazards and risks, in a practical and cost-effective manner. Refer to our other service lines for additional information regarding our available solutions.